Service Type Identifier (STID) Table Effective January 21, 2024

The STID (Service Type Identifier) is a three-digit numeric code used within the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™) on a mailpiece that identifies the address correction or other electronic services desired. The STID Table allows you to determine which STID to use based on the mail class, address correction option, use of IV®-MTR and whether the mail contains a Full Service or Basic IMb.

April 18, 2024

Updated 10/24/2022

**No Address Corrections STIDs updated to include "No Printed Endorsement"

Updated 1/23/2022

**Table updated to include new STIDs for Ballot Mail and Political Mail for mailings on and after January 23, 2022

Updated 9/03/2020

**Table updated to specify that the previously identified Election Mail/Ballot Mail Service Type IDs
are to be used only on Official Ballots mailed to or from authorized election officials
**Table redesigned and new Political Mail Service Type IDs added for mailings on or after July 27, 2020
**Recognizable references for Green & Secure Service Type IDs were added
**Ballot Mail STIDs effective 8/20/2018 were added
**Informed Visibility – Mail Tracking & Reporting name and link updated