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The Plus OneTM product is an advertising card which mailers can send accompanying a Host “marriage” USPS Marketing Mail Saturation Letter mailpiece.  

Marriage mail is a highly competitive form of direct mail that “marries” advertisements - coupons or sales notices - from multiple companies in one mail package.  The company mailing the Host Saturation marriage letter mailpiece could sell the Plus One mailpiece as a profitable new solution to advertisers to enhance visibility of their message to the consumer. This will enable Plus One card advertisers to gain more visibility than the advertisements in the marriage mail piece.  With this additional visibility, these advertisers can test the value of a stand-alone mailpiece with the simplicity and controls of shared mailing and at an affordable price.    

The Plus One product is not intended to be used to convert solo mailings into Plus One mailings.  

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The Plus One product encourages USPS Marketing Mail Saturation Letter marriage mailers to add a Plus One card to existing and/or new mailings to increase advertising reach and to drive customer response rates.  Only one Plus One card can be entered for each “host” USPS Marketing Mail Saturation marriage letter piece.

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