Mailpiece Design Professional (MDP) Online

Mail Design Professional is a self-paced online certification course approved by the U.S. Postal Service®. The course can be accessed at any time and as many times as desired for free. It is estimated at 12 hours for full completion, but this will vary depending on the individual. In addition to the free course material online, if a student would like to become a certified Mail Design Professional, successful completion of the exam is required. Please visit  and click on Business Mail to enroll.

This course is ideal for those who wish to maximize their proficiency in designing letter-size and flat-size mail to meet USPS® standards and obtain certification as a Mail Design Professional. The course includes:

  • Postal addressing standards

  • Classes of mail and processing categories

  • Intelligent Mail® and package barcode format and print specifications

  • Designing automation letters and flats (tabbing, polywrap, deflection, flexibility, etc.)

  • Reply mail (Business, Courtesy, Meter, Permit Reply and Merchandise Return Service)

  • Address Information products and Move Update

Learners will also receive information on design standards for:

  • Customized Market Mail

  • Repositionable Notes

  • Election Mail Logos

  • Privately Printed Labels

  • Reusable Envelopes

The entire MDP course is online and is free and can be taken as often as desired. However, if one would like to become a certified Mail Design Professional, successful completion of the exam is required. You can sign up to take the exam from the listed website below. The current price is $95. This link will take you to the Regpak website for registration. There is no time limit for the completion of the exam and the certification is good for a two year period once you have successfully completed the 100 question exam at 80% proficiency. Once a student is enrolled, a hard copy of the exam, answer sheet, directions, and a privacy statement letter will be mailed to you. Enrollment for the exam can be accessed at:

Once we receive your answer sheet back for grading, we will mail successful students a certificate of completion and place your name on a website of certified Mail Design Professionals if you desire. This list can be found at:  and clicking on Business Mail to enroll.

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