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Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA) Customer Service Help Desk

The MDA Customer Service Help Desk is a centralized process that connects customers directly with Mailpiece Design Analysts (MDAs) who have specialized mailpiece design expertise.

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MDA Services

MDAs have specialized industry expertise and can assist with:

  • Technical mailpiece design questions
  • Mailpiece analysis and physical review
  • Automated Business Reply Mail® (ABRM) tool assistance and reply mail artwork requests
  • Advice and evaluations on mailpieces for automation compatibility
  • Providing information on Intelligent Mail®
  • Hand Held Templates
  • Other tests, reviews and services related to the design of a mailpiece

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The MDA Customer Service Help Desk is available to all customers, internal and external, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Central, excluding holidays.

To connect with an MDA, call 1-855-593-6093Image removed. or send an email to

Help Desk Ticketing

When contacting the MDA Support Center, please be ready to provide your contact information, which will be used to create an MDA Customer Service Help Desk profile. Once the profile is created, MDAs can assign ticket/reference numbers for your inquiries. Ticket numbers can be used to connect you directly with the MDA assigned to your inquiry when calling the MDA Customer Service Help Desk or to help route emails to your assigned MDA.

Provided the MDA has the information needed, help desk tickets will be created within 24 hours. MDAs will attempt to provide a resolution to the customer within 48 hours. If the MDA cannot offer a resolution, they will provide updates of their progress to the customer every 48 hours.

To expedite a new request, please provide the following:

  • Name, company, address, email address, phone number
  • Supporting documentation including: Processing Category (i.e., card, letter, double postcard, self-mailer, or flat); Class of Mail (First-Class, Periodicals, Standard, etc.); Postage Payment Method (Permit Imprint, Stamps, Meter, Pre-cancelled Stamps, etc.); and if the piece will be pre-barcoded (automation-compatible, Full-Service).
  • If applicable, include an electronic image of the mailpiece to be evaluated.
  • For Reply Mail evaluations, include a PDF with crop marks and/or fold/perforation lines at 100% (no scaling).