Full-Service Report Testing: Service Type Identifier (STID) Errors

This process will allow a tester to verify that an STID errors reported on the Electronic Verification tab of the mailer scorecard is a valid error. STID errors are logged at the container level.


In this test, we validate that the #STID errors reported matches between summary and drill views for the eDoc submitter scorecard, Mail Owner Scorecard, Mail Preparer Scorecard, and within the Mail Owner/Preparer scorecards. We are also testing that STID errors are logged correctly.

This test will also validate that errors reporting above threshold are reporting correctly on the Mail Entry Additional Posage Assessment Report and Mail Entry Additional Postage Postage Assessment Report (Internal Users only at this time).

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Service Type Identifiers (STIDs)

The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) is used to identify mailpiece movement through the postal system and support any additional services requested for that mailpiece. The STID defines the mailpiece as full-service or basic (non-automation) and is also used to determine the disposition of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail and the form of address correction that a mailer desires if any.

Electronic Documentation (eDoc)

To participate in Full-Service Intelligent Mail®, mailers must submit information electronically. This computer-consumable version replaces existing hardcopies and includes the following: postage statement and qualification report.

Mailer Scorecard

The Mailer Scorecard provides a dashboard view of the results of the letter and flat mailing activity with the Postal Service over a calendar month. This view is available to both the mailer who submitted the electronic documentation for the mailing (eDoc submitter) and the mail owner/mail preparer.