Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

USPS® Geospatial Information Systems [GIS]

The United States Postal Service® is the authoritative source for addressing information.  As part of our core business to provide universal delivery, the USPS® collects and uses geospatial data to measure and improve operational performance.

The United States Postal Service has an unparalleled geospatial footprint.  Our delivery reach extends to every valid US address.  In addition to recording digital coordinates for each delivery, the USPS collects movement data for every mail carrier and postal vehicle.  This extensive GIS data is processed by technical specialists to create valuable GIS data products.


USPS Post Office® Location Dataset

Contains USPS Post Office locations and Contract Post Office locations, including services provided and hours of operations.  Offered in GeoJSON and/or PSV [pipe delimited] file.

USPS® Blue Collection Box Location Dataset

Contains USPS blue collection box locations and their collection times.  Offered in GeoJSON and/or PSV [pipe delimited] file.

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Technical Specifications