USPS® Post Office & Collection Box Data

Datasets containing the specific coordinates of United States Postal Service Post Offices and blue collection boxes as well as detailed information around specific services offered and hours of operations or collection times. Many industries, such as mapping, marketing, retail, logistics, and navigation can benefit from access to USPS Post Office and Collection Box data.

For example:

  • Leverage the geocoded coordinates of the Post Offices and collection boxes as ground truth to calibrate against other coordinates.
  • Coordinate across numerous Post Offices with specific services to optimize national marketing campaigns.
  • As Post Offices serve as central facilities in communities with numerous capabilities, information on services provided and accurate geospatial coordinates can be very useful for users intending to utilize services.


USPS® Post Office Location Dataset

Contains USPS Post Office locations and Contract Post Office locations, including services provided and hours of operations. Offered in GeoJSON and/or PSV [pipe delimited] file.

USPS® Blue Collection Box Location Dataset

Contains USPS blue collection box locations and their collection times. Offered in GeoJSON and/or PSV [pipe delimited] file.