Zone Chart and Exceptions Test Files for Zone 10

Download this sample Test file to help prepare you for the proposed Zone 10.  Zone 10 will be represented as follows in the Zone Chart files - A in the Zone Chart Matrix and 10 in the Exception File. The Zone Chart Matrix has only a single character field for the zone, while the Exception File has a two-character field.  The test files are encrypted - contact for the encryption password.

Please note important dates below regarding the official release date for Zone 10 in the Zone Charts Matrix:

  • Live data for Zone 10 data will be available in the June 1st Zone Charts Matrix release.
  • IMPORTANT: Zone 10 will not be effective until after the USPS July Price Change. The USPS July Price change is effective July 14, 2024. There will be a special “Do Not Use Until” notice for mail entered before this effective date.

March 20, 2024
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