Association For Electronic Enhancement

The general purpose of the Association is to promote electronic enhancements of the mail to increase its value and utility by working in partnership with the United States Postal Service ("USPS"), postal service organizations and other trade associations with similar interests in all lawful measures for the common good.

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All members must have an expressed interest in promoting electronic enhancement of the mail to increase its value and utility. There shall be two categories of entities eligible to become members of the Association:

  1. Corporations which own or send mail through the USPS®, the majority of which must be First-Class™ mailers, and trade associations whose members are corporations with a primary interest in mailing in the United States, the majority of which shall reflect the interests of First-Class mailers; and
  2. Corporations and other entities that are engaged in developing and/or promoting technology in the area of mail electronic enhancement whose interests are consistent with those of the Association and who are committed to furthering the Association's purpose.

Specific Purposes
The specific purposes of the Association are:

  • To promote the vision and promise of the USPS's "Information Platform".
  • To provide a forum to represent the common interest of mailers to the USPS, primarily First-Class mailers, including electronic mail strategy regarding operational issues such as delivery service standards, mail tracking, and mailing systems.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information between mailers and the USPS management to keep mailers aware of USPS strategies and plans and to provide USPS management with educated feedback and common positions on important issues.


White Paper Topics
On occasion AMEE will post white papers on addressing and mail preparation issues for mailers use. These papers are authored by the AMEE group membership with technical advisement provided by USPS Addressing and Geospatial Technology. Frequently asked questions, best known practices, and experiences will be shared through this information network and updated periodically.


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AMEE White Paper

To disseminate information to anyone responsible for address change management.