IMPB Service Type Code List (Excel) Effective July 9, 2023

Excel version of the Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) Service Type Codes effective July 9, 2023. Please follow this link for the PDF version.

A 3-digit Service Type Code (STC) is required in every IMpb. The 3-digit service type code uniquely identifies the mail class, product, and extra service(s) combination in a single, integrated barcode to increase intelligence, visibility, and efficiency in scanning, sorting, transportation, handling and reporting. The service type code is specific to one class of mail.  The listing includes a description that defines each service type code.  IMpb barcodes also require descriptive banner text, which is the human readable text above the barcode that describes service features such as when signature or Adult Signature is required.  Many of the service banners include a trademark or registered symbol which are recommended but not required.  Both the service type code and up to five (5) associated extra services codes must be included in the appropriate fields when a mailer submits Shipping Services Files.  The Postal Service requires this electronic information to confirm features (such as Hazmat, Open and Distribute, Returns, etc.) and fees are being noted for each extra service. 

Column Change Status –Indicates Ret(Retired)/Chg(Changed)/New.  Column Chg Date –Indicates effective date of Retired/Changed/New status

June 05, 2023