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Delivery Confirmation™ Services

Delivery Confirmation Services are a cost-effective, efficient means of obtaining delivery information for commercial mailers and retail customers.

Who are Delivery Confirmation Services for?

Delivery Confirmation Services are for commercial mailers and retail customers who need an efficient means of obtaining delivery information.



What are Delivery Confirmation Services?

The Postal Service™ now offers Delivery Confirmation Services. These Services are a cost-effective, efficient means of obtaining delivery information for commercial mailers and retail customers.

How does Delivery Confirmation work?

Delivery Confirmation consists of two options: Electronic Service and Retail Service. With both options, mailers receive information about the delivery status of Priority Mail® service or Package Services, including the date, time, and ZIP Code™ of delivery. Other information available through Delivery Confirmation includes attempted deliveries, forwarding, and returns. All of this information is accessible through the Internet or via electronic file transfer.

Other special services such as insured mail, Registered Mail™, collect on delivery (COD), and special handling can also be combined with Delivery Confirmation. Return receipt service or restricted delivery may be used only if purchased in connection with insurance (more than $200), COD, or registry service. Fees for all special services are in addition to required postage.

Electronic Service Option

The electronic service option provides mailers information indicating the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery of a mailed item. With the electronic service option, mailers transmit a file containing information about their Delivery Confirmation packages to the USPS® host computer using either the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard. The Electronic Service option is not available at USPS retail counters.

Delivery information may be obtained either by downloading the entire file containing information about the packages in the mailing or making individual inquiries via the Internet. Mailing receipts are not provided; however, a PS Form 3877, Firm Mailing Book for Accountable Mail, submitted by the mailer will provide proof of receipt.

The Electronic Service option allows your company to develop its own mailing profiles and analysis reports based on the information in the file we provide you. This option also allows customers to print their own labels or use preprinted labels. If you choose to take advantage of the Electronic Service option, you must complete a testing and certification process.

Retail Service Option

A Retail Service option is available at Post Offices at the time of mailing. It provides a mailing receipt to the mailer. Delivery information can be obtained by accessing the USPS web site at or by calling 800-222-1811. You may mail retail Delivery Confirmation items at a post office, branch, or station or give it to a rural carrier.

Retail Service option customers may print their own labels or use preprinted labels. If you are printing your own labels, you will be provided with a test kit by the National Customer Support Center (NCSC). The purpose of the test is to certify that the barcodes you are printing meet USPS standards and specifications.

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For more information about Delivery Cofirmation Services, access or call 800-222-1811.