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old Informed Visibility® Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV®-MTR)

Informed Visibility Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV-MTR) is a near real-time, single source for all mail and mail aggregate tracking information.

Who is IV-MTR for?

Commercial mailers who are tracking barcoded letters, flats, bundles, handling units (trays, tubs, and sacks), and containers


IV-MTR provides the mailing industry with powerful insight into the Postal mailstream. The application:

  • Provides near real-time mail tracking data for letters and flats
  • Leverages the intelligence of Full-Service Intelligent Mail® and nesting associations to create assumed handling events
  • Offers logical handling events, such as logical delivery events, based on business rules
  • Provides multiple data file formats and delivery methods
  • Enables roles and permissions management to determine a user's application functionality and data visibility
  • Offers flexible data delegation to receive and provide data visibility

With IV-MTR, the mailing industry can leverage key information about their mailings to manage operations, refine processes, and adjust marketing campaigns as needed.

Release Schedule



January 6, 2018
  • Mail object navigator for containers, allowing you to view nested handling units
  • New login page with general information about IV-MTR and how to get access
  • Additional resources, including videos, to be added to the Mail Tracking Help page
  • Email notifications and ability to opt in/out of in-app and email notifications
  • Additional information to be included in exported tables
  • Ability to modify the selected entities for an existing data feed
  • Number of failed files to be displayed on the Your Feeds list
  • Search function of the Your Feeds list to be updated to search all fields
January 27, 2018

Patch Release

  • Non-secure FTP removed as a transfer method
February 17, 2018
  • Start-the-Clock data attributes
  • Recipient Role as an attribute in data feeds for all mail object types
  • Ability to select a multi-value field delimiter for the delimited file format
  • Scan Event Code (operation code) as an attribute for containers and handling units
  • Piece Identifier as an attribute for pieces to assist in uniquely identifying pieces
  • Electronic Information Received attributes for containers
  • Mail Phase as an attribute for pieces
  • Ability to link a saved entity to a data feed such that changing the saved entity updates any linked data feeds
Future Enhancements
  • Additional assumed handling events
  • Start-the-Clock Mail.XML push and pull messages
  • Enhanced predicted delivery date for non-finalized operations
  • Ability to toggle captions on/off for BlueTube™ videos
  • Piece-level data available in one-time queries for download or send to address
  • Filter in piece-level one-time queries for tracing vs. non-tracing IMb STIDs

Note: Additional functionality may be included in these planned releases.

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MTAC User Group 4 for Mail Visibility

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  • Contact Lists 04/11/2018

    Mail Tracking Vendor List

    This document provides contact information for a number of third-party service providers who offer mail owner and mail service provider solutions.

  • Applications/ Forms 10/19/2018

    Mail Tracking Vendor List Request Form

    Use this form to request to add your company's name and contact information to the Mail Tracking Vendor List.

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For more information, contact the IV-MTR Help Desk at 1-800-238-3150Image removed.Image removed.Image removed.Image removed.Image removed., option #2 or