Fact Sheets
Intelligent Mail® for Small Business (IMsb) Fact Sheet

This fact sheet contains an overview of the IMsb Tool, its benefits, and how it works.

Fact Sheets
Seamless Acceptance: Mailer Fact Sheet

Participation Criteria To participate in Seamless Acceptance all pieces must be uniquely barcoded, included in electronic documentation (eDoc) and mailers must meet the following requirements

Fact Sheets
Full-Service Electronic Verification Automated Assessment Process Fact Sheet

In November 2016, the USPS began assessments for Full-Service Mail Quality Metrics determined to be over the established threshold in a calendar month.

Fact Sheets
Postal Wizard Fact Sheet

Postal Wizard is an online tool that gives small-volume mailers a secure, electronic means for submitting postage statements and simplifies calculating postage, checking balance and fees, and viewing mailing reports and mailing history.

Fact Sheets
JACKPOT CRID/MID Process for Mail Service Providers

MSP’s who prepare mailings that include mail owners with less than 5,000 pieces per owner and are meeting 90% Full-Service of eligible volume, may request authorization to use a  JACKPOT CRID/MID for identification of this volume.

Fact Sheets
Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) Checklist and Troubleshooting

This document will help prepare customers to use electronic documentation to submit qualification reports and postage statements (commonly called eDoc) and for customers who are required to test in the Test Environment for Mailers (TEM).