Question: Is this related to Premium Forwarding Service-Commercial?

Answer: No, this uses a different platform. Letter mail is captured on first pass and rerouted to desired location.


Question: When is this available?

Answer: Now. Self enrollment through BCG:


Question: Is BRM (Business Reply Mail) still not a part of this because of accountability?

Answer: If processors/mailers are using QBRM (accounting for BRM via IMBa) and other criteria is met, it could qualify. Non QBRM BRM is not eligible.


Question: Would it be cleaner to set up a new PO Box in the redirected site?

Answer: Ideally yes. This helps designate volume being redirected (but not a mandate).


Question: If we are currently forwarding mail or have a COA can we use this service?

Answer: No, if a PO Box has an active forward or COA. COAs and Forwarding use other systems and would cause system conflicts with unknown performance outcomes.


Question: If a PO Box is not paid or vacant is it eligible for this service?

Answer: Not until the PO Box changes to “paid” status.