Direct Effect™ Direct Marketing Curriculum




Full 14-Week Semester (14 Lessons*)

The Postal Service collaborated with educators and industry partners to develop approaches that help bring direct mail back into college-level instruction as a vital part of integrated marketing.  Course content is enhanced by industry expertise, and supports experiential learning in the classroom.

The materials are grouped by relevance, and are easily adaptable for remote learning. 


*Materials provided are to be used only for educational purposes. 

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Direct Effect® Curriculum: Modules Overview

The Direct Effect curriculum is the centerpiece of the program.

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Academic Outreach Syllabus

An outline of how the provided content was taught over a semester (14 weeks) class.

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Lesson Plan

Teaching instructions divided into 5 modules.

Direct Effect™ Course Materials

There are a total of 5 modules, or groupings, of course content.  This customizable program is designed to be a framework and can be used by topic, module, or in its entirely of 14 weeks, however it best makes sense in the context of your coursework.  Each module consists of combinations of classwork, homework, lectures and suggested resources.


Please refer to the Academic Outreach Syllabus and the Lesson Plan for context for how the modules all work together.

Direct Marketing Coursework - Module 1: Market Research and Customer Insights

Build on marketing students' basic research skills by applying it to a real world project.

Direct Marketing Coursework - Module 2: Direct Marketing Fundamentals

Introduce students to the fundamental principles of direct marketing and mail, building on their fundamental skills gained in introductory marketing classes.

Direct Marketing Coursework - Module 3: Direct Mail Analytics

Understand the data needed to accurately measure the success of a marketing campaign, and apply these skills to a real world project.

Direct Marketing Coursework - Module 4: Connecting Digital with Direct

Build on students' knowledge and experience with digital tools and technologies that connect the paper-based world with online and digital experiences.

Direct Marketing Coursework - Module 5: Creating a Real World Direct Marketing Plan & Campaign

Develop an integrated campaign using mail and digital for a real world client.


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