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Direct Marketing Coursework- ALL modules: Full Semester (14 lessons)

The Direct marketing coursework brings the best of industry and academia to the classroom. Direct Marketing course content is available to download as a full semester course.

*Materials provided are available only for educational purposes.

Featured Resources

ALL modules: Full Semester (14 lessons)

  • User Guides 09/18/2018

    Academic Outreach Syllabus

    An outline of how the provided content was taught over a semester (14 weeks) class.

  • User Guides 09/27/2018

    Lesson Plan

    Teaching instructions divided into 5 modules.

  • Publications 09/25/2018

    Lesson 1

    Materials include: Team Formation Guidelines; Team Agreement; NDA Sample Template

  • Publications 09/25/2018

    Lesson 2

    Materials include: Lecture: USPS, Advertising Market Overview & DM Role; Resource: Library Research Guide for Secondary Market Research

  • Publications 09/25/2018

    Lesson 3

    Materials Include: Lecture: Direct Mail Math; Lecture: Prospecting List Buying and Selling Fundamentals

  • Publications 09/26/2018

    Lesson 4

    Materials include: Lecture: Direct Mail Inside the Envelope; Video: Ikea (1:20); Video: PebblePost; Worksheet: Integrated Springboard Template; Tools: Integrated Springboard Example

  • Tools 09/26/2018

    Lesson 5

    Materials Include: Workshop: Addressing the Issue, Information Gaps

  • Tools 09/26/2018

    Lesson 6

    Materials Include: Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Plan Template

  • Publications 09/26/2018

    Lesson 7

    Materials Include: Resource- Mail Service Provider (MSP) Terminology; Video: Systems at Work (

  • Tools 09/26/2018

    Lesson 8

    Materials Include: Workshop- Creating Personas

  • Publications 09/26/2018

    Lesson 9

    Materials Include: Lecture: Direct Marketing; Lecture: Informed Delivery.

  • Presentations 09/26/2018

    Lesson 10

    Materials Include: Lecture: Amplifying Direct Mail

  • Publications 09/26/2018

    Lesson 11

    Materials Include: Lecture: How Brands are Capitalizing on Programmatic DM (PowerPoint); Video: PebblePost

  • Publications 09/26/2018

    Lesson 12

    Materials Include: Workshop part 1 - RFM Analytics for Direct Marketing; Workshop part 2 - Raw Data

  • Publications 09/26/2018

    Lesson 14

    Materials Include: 360 Peer Evaluation Template; Grading Rubric Example

  • Tools 09/27/2018