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April 2016 Releases

This price change release took place on April 10, 2016.

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First Class Mail
Standard Mail
Software Developer


There are no structural changes required, only price cell changes. The Mailing Services (Market Dominant) classes that are subject to price changes include First-Class Mail, Periodicals, Standard Mail, Package Services, and First-Class Mail International. Mailing Services prices for Extra Services and Annual Permit Fees are also subject to change. 

April 2016 Releases



PostalOne! and BIDS Release: 43.0.0

Deployment: March 27, 2016 | Price change effective date: April 10, 2016

SASP (Seamless Acceptance Service Performance) Release: 22.0.0

Deployment: TBD

Program Registration Release: 16.0.0

Deployment: March 27, 2016

Facility Access and Shipment Tracking (FAST) Release: 33.0.0

Deployment: March 27, 2016
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Mail.xml Technical Specifications: Mailer IDs (MID) and Customer Registration IDs (CRID) Version 3 Release 22 (April 2016)

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