Direct Marketing Coursework

It’s becoming increasingly challenging for marketers to compete with a single-channel strategy. To be successful, great marketers must have several tools in their arsenal. Studies continue to show that omnichannel campaigns boost greater return than a single medium. Connecting for Action, Canada Post (2016) study showed that "Integrated direct mail and digital campaigns elicit 39% more attention than campaigns relying on a single medium".


Yet, many colleges and universities no longer include direct mail in their marketing curriculum. Educating students on direct mail’s value and overall ease of digital integration will better prepare them for a career in marketing.


Elevating the Future Generation

Our mission is to help educators prepare marketing students with the direct marketing skills they will need to compete after graduation. Our program is an ongoing evolution leveraging top industry experts and educators. Hear from professors about their experience with the materials in this course.


Listen to Professors share their Experiences with Direct Effect® Curriculum



Equip Your Students

The USPS has joined with industry experts and Bentley University to develop Direct Marketing, an integrated direct mail marketing course curriculum designed specifically for undergraduate marketing students. Your students will develop skills that enable them to integrate direct mail in an omnichannel campaign.


The course content is available as a full semester course or as individual modules that can be utilized to supplement existing coursework. Check out the syllabus by clicking here. To discuss relevant content for your coursework, and to request access to the Direct Effect curriculum, click here to connect with the Academic Outreach team.

Featured Resources

Fact Sheets
Direct Effect® Curriculum: Modules Overview

The Direct Effect curriculum is the centerpiece of the program.

Direct Effect on Students - Professor Wendy Zajack, Georgetown University

Hear Professor Wendy Zajack from Georgetown University talk about the Direct Effect that the Postal Service’s Academic Outreach has on students, and our approach to bringing this to the classroom. “The Postal Service is taking a very progressive and edgy approach to helping a younger audience think of [direct mail] as a tactic that deserves consideration.”

Direct Effect® Innovation Challenge - Wilkes-Barre PA

Watch our first-ever Direct Effect Innovation Challenge.

Clemson University Academic Outreach Video

In 2018 a trial student contest was initiated at Clemson with graphic communication students.

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Academic Outreach Syllabus

An outline of how the provided content was taught over a semester (14 weeks) class.

User Guides
Lesson Plan

Teaching instructions divided into 5 modules.

Bentley University Academic Outreach Video

Coursework has been developed through a relationship with Bentley University to help teach students the skills that enable them to integrate direct mail in an integrated omnichannel marketing campaign.