Commercial PO Box Redirect Service

The Commercial PO Box Re-Direct Service (CPOB RS) allows companies processing customer payments to request the US Postal Service to redirect mail destined to select business PO Boxes to an alternate business PO Box in a different city.  The service is intended for payment processors who manage incoming payment operations for a variety of business clients and does not require a change to the address on the mailpiece.  The processor agrees to pay a per piece fee of $0.07 for each mailpiece that is successfully redirected to the alternate location.


The Commercial PO Box Re-Direct Service (CPOB RS) will manage and redirect remittance mail with a first scan event to provide remittance mail processors with a new service to re-direct letter mail faster, safer, more consistently, and more efficiently than current options can provide.


Getting Started

Account holder must have:

Access to at least one ePOBOL account linked to an EPS payment method to register for the service

At least one CRID and Postage Due permit tied to EPS.

Each qualifying PO Box redirect pair of ZIP+4’s is reviewed by USPS, and must be approved prior to implementation.


Following each re-direct request submission, USPS and the requestor is provided with a list of current PO Boxes and new desired PO Box destinations along with the status of their requests.