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Zone Analysis Program (ZAP)

The Zone Analysis Program (ZAP) measures the quality of Zone assignments ensuring the accuracy of postage rates claimed in accordance with requirements set forth in the DMM® reference manual.

Who is ZAP for?

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What is ZAP?

The United States Postal Service developed the Zone Analysis Program to assist publishers and postal personnel in verifying the correct zone assignment of mailed periodicals, utilizing the USPS® Zone Chart Matrix, including the identification of In-County or Out-of-County options. It also identifies which software produces hard copy documentation, USPS qualification reports and Postage Statements for the mailing. Complete zone analysis verification is performed at least once a year for each publication. The office serving the publisher’s original entry or additional entry office performs this verification. Zone information is provided as part of the documentation in a standardized format or via Mail.dat® input.

To qualify for ZAP approval, the software developer must subscribe to the electronic National Zone Chart Matrix, and their software must incorporate the most recent version of the National Zone Chart Matrix. Software products that successfully complete the ZAP testing process are identified as ZAP approved.

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