Manifest Analysis Certification (MAC™) & MAC Gold™

MAC™ evaluates USPS® manifest mailing products manufactured by vendors to determine software accuracy in listing and calculating postage for identical and/or nonidentical-weight permit imprint mailpieces.

Who is MAC™ for?

Currently, the MAC™ program is only available to software manufacturers who develop USPS single-piece itemized manifest mailing software for mailers seeking to generate manifested mailings.

Software Developer

Software Developer


The MAC™ certification process is designed to evaluate USPS manifest mailing products that are manufactured by vendors. MAC™ determines whether manifest mailing software accurately lists and calculates postage for identical- and/or nonidentical-weight permit imprint mailpieces according to the standards of the DMM®, IMM®, and Publication 401: Guide to the Manifest Mailing System reference manuals. 

MAC™ evaluates product accuracy by providing test data in mailpiece description files. Each record in the file represents a specific mailpiece and is described by attributes such as name and address of recipient, class of mail, processing category, weight in pounds and ounces, special service type, dollar value, identification number, and country code.

For each specific manifesting category tested, the USPS evaluates the documentation for listing, class, rate, and postage accuracy. In addition, the accuracy, format, and content of facsimile mailing statements and any other postal forms (where applicable) are evaluated. If the USPS determines that the manifest mailing product satisfies all applicable standards, the developer is issued a MAC™ certificate for the product in that category. Certification is valid for one year or until the end of the current cycle. Vendors whose products are certified in any or all categories receive a MAC™ certificate.

Although MAC™ evaluates and certifies USPS manifest mailing products, the program does not guarantee acceptance of customer mail prepared using MAC™-certified software. 

Note: Participation in the MAC™ program is voluntary.

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Applications/ Forms
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Publication 401: Guide to the Manifest Mailing System

This publication provides information on the Manifest Mailing System, which automates the documentation of postage and fees for all pieces in a mailing paid via permit imprint indicia.

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For more information about the MAC or MAC Gold processes, contact Administrative Support at 800-238-3150 or