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CAPS (Centralized Account Payment System)

The Centralized Account Processing System is an electronic postage payment system that provides business mailers a centralized, convenient, and cost-effective way to fund:

  • Permit Imprint
  • Business Reply Mail*
  • Return Services*
  • Postage Due Account*
  • USPS Corporate Account
  • Address Element Correction/Address Change Service

*The availability of CAPS for BRM, Return Services, and Postage Due is currently very limited.


First Class Mail
Standard Mail


CAPS provides an electronic alternative to presenting checks and cash for postage and fees at multiple post offices. Customers can choose from two account types:

Centralized trust account— Customers deposit funds using electronic funds transfer to the CAPS bank prior to mailing. The CAPS account is automatically reduced when local post offices process postage statements.

Centralized debit account—Customers designate a debit-enabled bank account for postage charges. The bank account is debited for the total day's postage on the next bank business day.

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All eligible products must migrate from CAPS to EPS effective April 1, 2019. All new accounts must be established through EPS effective October 1, 2018.